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Prime BBQ Reds

$48 OFF Our Best Reds for Grilling

Summer is in full swing, and here’s a collection of rich, fruit-packed reds that pair perfectly with the smoky, charred flavors of barbecue. Enjoy our top picks from smooth, mellow Rioja Reserva to super-rich Malbec for JUST $12.49 a bottle.

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Refreshing Rosé

Party-Perfect Pinks – SAVE $52

Summer isn’t complete without a bottle (or 12!) of rosé. These mouthwatering, red-fruited gems include a top-vintage French release, an Argentine Malbec pink crafted by top-Favorited winemaker Opi Sadler and more – JUST $11.66 a bottle.

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WSJwine Summer Dining Dozen

Top Entertaining Essentials – JUST $11.66 a Bottle

The full summer collection brings you bold reds, fresh whites and stylish rosés to impress all your guests (priced for pouring generously, of course). SAVE $43 on super-rich Malbec, gold-medal Loire Sauvignon Blanc, top-vintage French rosé and more.

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90-Plus Point Reds

SAVE $49 on Highly Rated Reds

Each of the rich reds in this winning showcase has received at least 90 Points from leading critics or publications. From 90-Point Trophy-Winning Argentine Malbec to landmark 2010 Bordeaux, you’ll judge them all for ONLY $16.66 a bottle.

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Alfresco Whites

Pure Summer Refreshment – SAVE $37

From gold-medal French Sauvignon Blanc to top-estate Pinot Grigio and more, this collection is perfect for dining alfresco. These dazzling whites are ready to impress your guests, and priced for pouring generously – JUST $11.66 a bottle.

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