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Fine Riedel Crystal Decanter

Riedel Merlot Decanter 

Riedel Crystal has crafted glass in the heart of Europe for 11 generations. Specifically designed to enhance your wine’s aromas and flavors, their crystal decanter will help you make the most of every bottle. A stylish addition to any dinner table.


Stylish Riedel Crystal Glasses

Riedel Cabernet Glasses (Set of 2) 

Perfect for serving your wines in style, these eye-catching, versatile glasses are great for everyday enjoyment and recommended for fine reds like Bordeaux, Rioja, and Chianti.


Traditional, French-Style Steak Knives

French-Style Steak Knives (Set of Four) 

Just as the right glass can enhance your enjoyment of wine, it’s amazing the difference a good-quality, sharp knife makes to steak and other cuts – helping you slice effortlessly through your favorite meat.