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If you’re one of the thousands of WSJwine customers who have ‘Favorited’ Hervé Sabardeil’s French reds, you know the richness waiting for you in a bottle labeled ‘Cabalié.’

Today, you have the chance to taste a wine that captures the true French spirit of its origin. A wine born from the vineyards that supplied (some) grapes for the very first Cabalié release.

Why “some” and not “all”? In the early days of Cabalié, these bold Carignan grapes were blended with less expensive wines, because the fruit of these ancient vines is not cheap. It could, in fact, be the most expensive in the region. But there’s good news…

The price of what is considered ‘top’ in this region is far lower than what is considered ‘top’ in, say Bordeaux. And Hervé has a knack for finding great little plots and growers that tend to them passionately. He loved the original Cabalié vineyards, and with the farmer retiring, he finally had an opportunity to buy the land.

By enjoying his new ‘Origine’ wine, you’re ensuring the future protection of these precious, old vines (many over 100 years old). The real treasures of the Roussillon region. Many aged over 100 years. Origine is nearly 100% dark, spicy Carignan—with the richness, power and luscious, fruity, mouthfilling texture that can only come from vines as old as these. Effortlessly smooth from first sip to last.

Reserve your share for just $20. Offer ends November 24, 2021 and quantities are limited.

Here's what you'll enjoy:

How This Offer Works How This Offer Works

Reserve 9 bottles for only $20. When it’s ready for delivery in January, we’ll charge you the remaining balance of $179.94, and you’ll have paid just $19.99 a bottle—saving you over 20%.

Plus, you’ll become a Vineyard Partner…

When you reserve today, we’ll enroll you to automatically receive an allocation of the next vintage of Cabalié Origine each year—always at the best price, and always with no obligation. You can cancel your membership any time, but once you taste the wine, we doubt you’ll want to.

Act by November 24 (or sooner) to avoid missing out.

Case Benefits of Being a Vineyard Partner
  • Save over 20% on nine bottles of Cabalié Origine
  • Nine bottles of this French legend reserved for you each year—always at the best price and with no obligations
  • You’ll be one of very few people in the U.S. to enjoy access to this exceptional red
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